We currently have two games.
Captain Flat Earth and Runaway bacon.


Journey from a scientist to a SUPER SCIENTIST is about to begin. 

In Captain Flat Earth you gather evidence to prove, once and for all, that the earth is flat. But beware, there are those who would try to stop you.  Evil members of the Fake News Society™ and mythical creatures hiding on the other side will stand in your way..  Armed with the mighty shield of ghost Parallax, you must strike them down and complete your quest.

Don’t get roasted.

In this fast paced local multiplayer, you battle against other players to see who is the one to escape the Slaughterhouse. Push and pull your friends in the grid based levels and see who will be crowned the king.

Free version of Runaway Bacon will be released in June 2019 and premium version with added features in early 2020.